Clothes For Cause

Many of the clothing superstores of today use cheap labor in other countries to keep their costs down, but the problem arises when they use children and others who work for a wage that simply isn’t sustainable. Rather than taking advantage of the less fortunate, at Sewagram Farm to Fashion, we offer clothing that is hand-crafted by expert craft persons in rural India. When you buy our clothing, you’ll put honest, hardworking people to work.

In addition, because our products are created by hand, the environmental footprint is minimal. If you’ve gone green in every other area of your life, you should think about being environmentally responsible in your clothing choices, too.

Wearing eco-friendly clothing brands is a great way to create your own unique style and at the same time, support an industry of hardworking crafters rather than corporations who sometimes take advantage of the less fortunate. What’s your style? Why not come and check us out at Sewagram Farm to Fashion and find out how our clothing brand can make you stand out from the crowd.