Profile Of The Founder - Balwant Dhage

A budding, young, social entrepreneur, Balwant holds Bachelors in Mass Media (BMM) from University of Mumbai and Masters in Advertising and Marketing Management (MBA) from NIBM. Balwant is a native of Wardha, born and raised in Gandhian atmosphere.

He was fortunate to get a chance to understand the Gandhian ideology of Swaraj and Swavalamban since early childhood. He has been closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram in Sewagram and Vinoba Bhave’s Ashram in Pawnar and several other social organizations in Wardha.

Using this upbringing, he is now trying to bring happiness to the lives of farmers and women in rural India. His efforts to making people used to wearing Khadi will help increase the production of Khadi in the area.

His pioneering work will surely rejuvenate the Khadi fabric which was used as a tool for revolution during the freedom struggle.

Mr. Balwant Dhage, the founder, had the intent of reviving the ancient craft of the handloom and popularizing the traditional medium in a contemporary manner.