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What is Rural Empowerment and How Sewagram Farm To Fashion is Connecting Rural to Urbans

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas, often relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.

Rural empowerment is an important strategy, enabling rural communities to respond in order to improve agricultural development. Agricultural development has played an important role in the development of rural areas. Agriculture is an important component of most rural economies, especially in developing countries. 

 In rural communities, there is a number of aspects that need to be developed. These include education, employment opportunities, agriculture and farming practices, administration & management, infrastructure, civic amenities, health care, and environmental conditions.

But at the same time, for true rural empowerment, It is a must to make equal and active participation of men and women and also youth.

Khadi quotes

 Khadi is the most promising option to create sustainable employment and rural development. Knowing this fact and believing the employment generation capacity of Khadi sector, Sewagram Farm To Fashion’s manufacturing plant at Sewagram, Wardha has been working in rural areas nearby Wardha with the aim to help farmers, generate new job opportunities for youth, and women empowerment.

Vidarbha is a cotton-growing belt but it doesn’t have further processing plants to turn cotton into clothing and enhance its market value, Local rural communities often have little access to government schemes and are left out of the development process. This keeps them backward and hinders their growth. In this environment, individual interests often take precedence over community interests.

Sewagram Farm To Fashion works at the village level and purchases raw material i.e. cotton from farmers, so that they can get a better value for their cotton crops, they provide employment to men and youth of rural areas under the spinning and weaving process, and also empowering the rural women by Sewagram Farm To Fashion Charakha and Loom project.

Charkha and Loom project.

Under this project, Sewagram Farm To Fashion provided ” 50 + Solar Charkhas ”  to their trainees in various small rural places nearby the Wardha district, and allowed/permitted them to work from their own home where they can work in peace and earn money with respect. Thus Women Empowerment efforts of Sewagram Farm To Fashion boosting up rural economy.

  Sewagram Farm To Fashion believes that The biggest challenge of rural empowerment is that today Indian villages are not interested in remaining ‘villages’. They are interested in becoming something else. The success of youth can not only be measured by their urbanization. Real success means being able and devoted to the development of one’s environment.

For this purpose, Sewagram Farm To Fashion involves the numbers of youth, particularly from a semi-urban and rural area in industry-relevant skills training which is helping them secure a better livelihood. And also employing them at their production units. 

In short, Sewagram Farm To Fashion is providing skill training/education, job — employment opportunities, and appropriate value to raw materials and crops and making rural people take active participation in manufacturing authentic & pure Khadi. Thus efforts are boosting up the rural economy which finally results in rural development and empowerment.

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