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Shipping & Delivery

At Sewagram Khadi, our aim is to ship our products in a quick, safe and inexpensive manner. We deliver all destinations within India.

Processing Your Order

We try our best to ship goods to you as soon as possible. On an average, it takes us about 5 business days to ship goods out of our warehouses across India. However if the quantities ordered are more than 5 pieces per product per style, or if the item ordered is under production, it may take longer to process your order. Should this happen, we will keep you informed by email.

To calculate how much time it will take you to receive your Sewagram Khadi merchandize, please add the shipping times given below to the 3-4 day order processing period.

Fabric Care
Fabric Properties And Wash Care
All of Sewagram Khadi products are handcrafted using the finest natural fibres. The subtle variations in colour, texture and finish are the signature of the human hand. Creating each product is a lengthy process rooted in the crafts-based traditions of hand spinning, dying, weaving, wood block printing and embroidery, each with its own regional specialty and character. We use both vegetable dyes and commercial dyes with the goal of minimizing our impact on the environment while striving for the best colour properties. For our scouring process we use only hydrogen peroxide which is totally biodegradable.
Fabric Care
Caring for your Sewagram Khadi products is generally trouble free. In fact, our products are so well constructed that it is hard to wear them out. Consider that the oldest surviving piece of cotton fabric was handwoven 3,000 years ago in India, the birthplace of cotton. We offer the following information and care suggestions which will help you extend the life of your Sewagram Khadi products even further.
Fabric Care For Handwoven Cotton Properties
Sewagram Khadi clothing is 100% pure cotton. Handwoven cotton fabric has the added value of allowing more air penetration and is therefore cooler, softer, more absorbent and breathes better than highly uniform, compacted machine made cotton fabric. This added breathability means you will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Handwoven cotton fabric also has a textural beauty and visible character which is not present in machine made fabric. Cotton is a very strong fibre, even when wet, so it holds up very well to repeated laundering.
During the dyeing and printing processes, the yarn and then the fabric is repeatedly washed. This helps to ensure full dye penetration, removes any residual surface dye and also reduces shrinkage in the final tailored product. Depending on how you care for the product, additional shrinkage ranges from 1-2% for our products.
Please refer to the specific care instructions on the garment. Because cotton is so strong when wet, caring for cotton is very simple and the more you wash it, the softer and more absorbent it becomes. The following tips will help you extend the life of the product.
• Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.
• Wash items with like colors and turn your clothes inside out, especially dark colors.
• Some colours may require to be washed separately the first few times.
• Keep your zippers and hooks closed to avoid snagging other items in the wash.
• If you choose to use bleach, use non-chlorine bleach which is less harsh on your fabrics and on the environment. Please use only mild washing powers.
• Tumble dry low heat. Remove items promptly from dryer, preferably when still damp. Dry in shade only.
Press with a warm to hot iron.

Special/Bulk Orders

• Save money when you buy in bulk! We offer discounts on bulk orders depending on the product and the total invoice amount. Minimum value to be eligible for discounts is approximately 50,000/-.
• A bulk order can be placed by anyone from anywhere in the India and will be delivered anywhere in the world.
• You may also request Sewagram Khadi products which are not featured on the webstore and we can arrange to send you images and possibly samples.
• Discounts are available on total invoice value excluding shipping charges.
• Our team will work hard so that your order will arrive when and where you need it, so you don’t miss important deadlines.
• Please note: Since we offer volume discounts, we cannot accept returns on bulk orders.
• Contact us at support@sewagramkhadi.com with your name, company name, email, phone number, shipping address and the products you are interested in. Once we receive your request, you will soon receive a call/email from us with product pricing and an estimated shipping time.
• Once you are registered with us as a bulk buyer, we will occasionally send you product promotion notifications if you prefer.

Track Your Order

Thank you for shopping online with Sewagram Khadi !
From confirmation of your order by Sewagram Khadi to receipt of the package at your doorstep, you can track the status of your order – online. When you place your order on sewagramkhadi.com, you will receive an order confirmation email with a link to our website. Bookmark this link, for it contains information about the status of your order, and is constantly updated.
Track Your Shipment
When your order is shipped from our warehouse, you will receive a Shipment email informing you about the items that were shipped, the Courier used to ship these items, the Courier’s website address, and a tracking number. Please visit the courier company’s website, and use the tracking number to know the status of your shipment.
If you have not received a shipment email with these details, please email us at support@sewagramkhadi.com, or call us at +91 9145770222 (10.00 am to 6 pm. All days expect Wednesday) and let us know.

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